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Doug's Corner

>> September 19, 2019
Well I got some inspiration today. I was reading a 25 year power tour article in the new November 2019 issue. It takes the reader back to the 70’s. “I’m a kid from the ‘70s, a time when there was no cable TV or Internet. If we wanted a story, we read a book. If we wanted to expand our imaginations, we’d play outside, and if the weather went south, we always had our toys. In my case, that meant a collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars that I’d been collecting since I was able to talk. Upon arrival to my grandparents’ home, my classic Matchbox carrying cases (you know the blue ones with the yellow handles) would immediately be emptied, and that glorious green carpet served as the rally point for little Mikey’s very own power tour. Around one hundred cars and trucks would be lined up single file, and for the rest of the day I would torture the household with the best engine sounds I could muster.”

Wow did that take anyone back a half a century. It was the 60’s for me. I got to thinking those miniature Hot Rods and Custom cars were our dreams of yesteryear. They were the someday I’m going have a Vette, Jag are Custom car; hey that’s me, I have built and owned all three and then some. I bet anyone reading this that had Hot Wheels or Matchbox has had their share of cool rides also. Here’s what I did this morning. I got on EBay before the Christmas rush/ sold out and bought a collector case for my soon to be six year old grandson and new granddaughter. Becky and I are going to have a Walmart power tour picking out a bunch to get them started. Hopefully this will keep the kids interested in the culture. The Grandson is fascinated with the Chevelle. We had a trophy on the table that has a 57 Chevy for the top, that got his attention. Grandma answered the 50 questions that followed.

I bet Hot Wheels with a collectors case are the top Christmas pick this year.

Q: Do you know what is a Millennial thief deterrent is.
A: A Stick shift.


>> September 7, 2019
Hey I just gotta share. When I put my car together I used a Edelbrock 1406 600 cfm carb that has served me well. After several tries to eliminate a dead spot from idle I decided to try something new. Edelbrock has a new kid on the block, it’s the AVS2 Series Carburetor. After talking with Edelbrock tech support about their new AVS2 carb I decided to give one a try. As advertised the AVS2 takes Thunder Series Performance to a new level, and it did. The new AVS2 model 1906 carb has annular boosters that lay horizontal with eight equally spaced orifices that deliver better fuel atomization in place of the old style down leg boosters that I had on my old 1406. The new carb did eliminate my dead spot and increased my power from idle to cruising speed. I now have instant smooth throttle response when you step on the pedal, it is like I added fuel injection at a fraction of the price. Anyone need a used 1406.

LOL Doug

>> June 4, 2019
 Alright, David shamed me into getting in gear on my next article. I have been holding back on it because I wanted to get this right. Most of you know I really enjoy Roadkill TV Show hosted by David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan. Hot rod magazine, July 2019, has David Frieburger’s take on Road-Trip Tools that I thought was worth sharing. Looks like the United States started a transition to metric system around 1975. For the gear head the nuisance started then and required us to go back and forth to the tool box as metric bolts started showing up on our rides. If you are pre-1975, you’re golden for a bag of simple road trip tools; Frieburger recommends and I am quoting “maybe there’s a handmade hammer that looks like it survived WWII. That’s gold. Imagine the glory of repairing your hooptie at the side of the road with a vintage monkey wrench that was engraved by “Hardy” at one time and “Case” later on as you wonder which one of those he-men cut and ground the handle into the shape of a Prybar. What tools do you need most? That’s a question I get asked often so here goes.

First, it’s forgivable to get brand new staples such as zip ties, but beware of the super cheap ones that break in your hand. You find the better ones at Lowe’s and Home Depot. Ratchet straps can be remarkably handy to hold hoods to roofs or serve as temporary motor mounts. A handful of hose clamps can also be cleverly employed to do anything but clamp a hose. And there’s duct tape, of course, though I rank it below zip ties and ratchet straps. Once you start the pawn-shop hunt, you may not get everything you need in one shop, so you have to prioritize. The most critical tools are Vise-Grips and you should get more than one set. In addition to being used to remove stubborn fasteners they can do stuff like crush off a leaky brake line or fuel hose, replace a window crank or trans shifter, or hold together a couple of pieces of metal that need to be welded. Hunt for old Vise-Grips as they are no longer American made. For other pliers, get dikes, Channel Lock, and needle nose in that order. Next up, a Crescent wrench and then combination wrenches. As for size priority, it goes like this (for the American cars I always drive): 1/2, 9/16, 7/16, then everything else, Get two of each, as a luxury. Only once the wrenches are handled do I worry about socket sets and I usually stick to 3/8 drive, selecting deep sockets before regular ones. After that, you only need one good flat screwdriver and one Phillips. Then it’s off to the fun stuff like a good hammer and prybar.”

I thought it was a well thought out advice for Hot Rod subscribers worth sharing. Taking the above advice plus some metric wrenches if you have a newer hot rod and the chances of sitting alongside the road get slimmer. I am really proud of my friend Jack Blackwill. Years ago his RV transmission had a major seal go bad. They put some tools together dropped the transmission and repaired and reinstalled it to get back home. That’s cool. If you have a bag of tricks or something to share concerning road trip tools lets share them at one of our meetings. Or maybe we can set a date for one of our meetings to show and tell.


>> April 14, 2019
I know it’s a free flashlight but you might take a closer look when you grab your free one at Harbor Freight. There are a couple to choose from, the one with the mirrored reflector is my favorite. The second option has a rough mirrored finish that does not produce near as much light and the magnet is weaker on that one. The image shows the difference on the mirrored finish. This is information to help you be a more informed harbor freight consumer and hopefully laugh a bit.