1966 Chevy Chevelle   SS   454 / 4 Speed / 3:55 rear end

Seen at Farmington Hills Michigan while there on training for work. My son and I did the training and while driving around looking at sites we came across this car lot that had nothing but old muscle cars. We pulled in and looked around to kill time and just look at the old cars. When we returned home, the car kept coming into my mind. I knew then I was in for a lot of work and my wife even ask why I would want to work on an old car again. I explained to her, working on one because I wanted to, was different than working on one because I have to get to work on Monday. So with my birthday and anniversary so close it was bought for my birthday. Iíve had to go through everything on this old car. I now have everything including the clock working and running great, New motor 1-2007.