Kent's 65 Malibu

This car has been pretty much a local all of it's life.  It was built at the Kansas City plant and sold from Yingling Chevrolet in March of '65 to Pauline McCartney from Eureka.  I'm pretty sure she's no relation to Paul but, it makes for a good story.  Pauline drove it 10 years and then Harold Wolke bought it from Quality Chevrolet in '75.  Harold had this car for 25 years and never once molested it.  I bought the car from Harold in June of 2000 even though I wasn't very impressed when I first laid eyes on it.  Then I started walking around the car, trying to look past the white walls, trim rings and baby moons.  It only had 60,000 miles on it then.  Everything was untouched, right down to the canister oil filter and the original plug wires.  It started but didn't move.  All of the tranny fluid was on the floor underneath it.  We put a couple of quarts of fluid in it and it backed right out of the garage.  The backup lights even worked.  I made the deal and drove it home stopping at the carwash for a good cleaning. 
    In October of 2000, I gave the car it's first brake job and then just tried to do little things to try and preserve everything over the past 6 years.  Two years ago, I took the engine and transmission out for a good cleaning and to make things look like they should under the hood.  That was the first time the engine had been out of the car.  It still had the original motor mounts on it.  You know, the ones with the nuts welded on one side.  Although they weren't broken, I went ahead and replaced them anyway.  This past April, and for the rest of the summer, I finally had it repainted.  It's not a perfect car.  In fact there are a few of you out there that know what it's problems were and still are.  All in all, it really didn't turn out too bad.  It's a lot smoother, straighter and shinier than it has been for a very long time.  And it still only has 75,000 miles on it.  My wife still calls it "that white piece of s***" and absolutely hates every nickel I spend on it.  You gotta love her.  I'll probably always have it because I could never replace it.....if you know what I mean.  Well, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.  I have always loved Chevelles and I always will.  I'm also glad to finally be a WACO member.  It just feels better to belong somewhere. 
Kent Owen